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Every single one of us at some point in life has tried to check if we possess superpowers. The 11-year-old us has spelled out magical spells in the dreamy hope of a wizardry journey. Technology today brings forward something even better. Why spell out magical spells when you can speak up your chores and hallelujah it’s done.

Alexa by Amazon is one such technological masterpiece that is controlled efficiently by your own voice. It gives consumers an elite experience to interact with technology surrounding them. The future is here.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant offered by Amazon available in Amazon Echo & Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa can also be linked with smart devices turning itself into a part of the home automation system.

What are the functions of Alexa?

Alexa hosts many functions making it an essential equipment in over thousands of houses. These are few of the many functions that Alexa stirs up:Music PlaybackStates Messages, Information, TimingsGives you real-time NewsMessages and receives your calls for youPlaces an Order for youIt also interacts with Home Automation System Developers

Alexa for Business

The product can also be used for essential business activities. Alexa for Business is a paid service. It has a subscription fee which allows companies to schedule meetings, attending joint conference calls and can be customized with 3rd party skills. It can be customized according to your requirements and is capable of placing orders or bringing up an issue with a particular department depending on the issue at hand. Alexa for Business is easy to use and is also easy to manage. Alexa is available on millions of devices offered by Amazon including 3rd party manufacturers. It’s available in over 38 countries.

Did you know Alexa integrates with Smart Home System by Picostone? You can get this Assistant device to control your appliance like Air-Conditioner with Picostone’s Polar. Bid goodbye to endless remotes & control appliances with your voice. Get the future to your doorstep and enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle.

So we’re just saying smart home automation is the next upcoming thing in technology of the future, it’s high time you opt into it and you could be the next techno-statement maker!

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