Picostone Dali

The ultimate solution for hassle-free control of tunable lights is the Picostone DALI Wireless. It is a Wi-Fi-based device that goes right behind your switchboard and lets you experience its versatility with just one additional wire.

Customize your Lights to match your Mood

Whether it is for creating different moods or environments, DALI dimming and tuning provide you with the finest control of lighting levels and color temperature. Tuning allows you to control the light color temperature throughout the day, changing from daylight to cool white to warm white as the day progresses.

Declutter your walls and Save Space

With just 6 physical switches, Picostone Dali allows you to control up to 64 lights.
On each switch, you can either control an individual light or a group of lights or create a scene.
You can easily configure this through the App.


Control from Anywhere
Voice Control
Personalized Scenes
Easy Installation
2 Years Warranty

Technical Specifications

Input/Output Voltage


Input Voltage For Switches


Power Consumption


Communication Security

256-bit AES Encrypted


802.11.b/g/n Wifi

Programmable Input Ports

6 ports where you can control individual lights or group of lights or scenes


Dali – 16 Controller


Upto 16 Tunable Lights

Dali – 32 Controller


Upto 32 Tunable Lights

Dali – 64 Controller


Upto 64 Tunable Lights

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