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Picostone Dali

Picostone DALI is a device that lets you control your tunable lights i.e. dimming and tuning of the lights. Dali allows all your light fixtures to be grouped and controlled together.

  • Two Types: Wired and Wireless Dali
  • Dali Dimming: Provides the widest dimming range possible
  • Tuning: Changing color temperature of your lights
  • Grouping & Ungrouping: It allows for devices to be grouped, ungrouped and controlled together

Tunable Lighting

As the day progresses, color-tuning light fixtures can change the color temperature of the light from daylight to cool white to warm white, harvesting as much natural light as possible.

  • Cool-to-Warm: Tones from cool white to warm yellow
  • Tunable White: intensification of blue-toned hues to mimic daylight
  • HCL (Human Centric Lighting)

Our Awesome Core Features


Light Selection

Picostone Dali works only with DT8 lights.

CAT6 Looping

Change your entire experience with the CAT6 cables. Loop all your lights with the CAT6 and have the access to all the individual lights in your room.

2 Year Warranty

We have a 2-year direct replacement product guarantee on this device followed by any low-cost servicing required thereafter.

Technical Specifications

Input/Output Voltage


Input Voltage For Switches


Power Consumption


Communication Security

256-bit AES Encrypted


802.11.b/g/n Wifi

Programmable Input Ports

6 ports where you can control individual lights or group of lights or scenes


Dali – 16 Controller


Upto 16 Tunable Lights

Dali – 32 Controller


Upto 32 Tunable Lights

Dali – 64 Controller


Upto 64 Tunable Lights

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