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Did you know that your smartphone can now control all of your lights, fans, TVs, set-top boxes, air conditioners, and other appliances?

Yes, you read it right!

Control all of your appliances from anywhere, at any time on your smartphone with the help of Picostone. Even while you are away, you can manage and keep an eye on your house.
We strive to remove any obstacles in the way of your command reaching your devices and provide you a butter-smooth experience.


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Simplified & Robust Technology 

Simplified & Robust Technology 

Simplified & Robust Technology 

Simplified & Robust Technology 

Simplified & Robust Technology 

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The entire suite of home automation tools collectively referred to as "Smart Home Technologies" is what we manufacture to give you the utmost comfort possible while delivering entertainment, lighting, climate control, and security.

Our team is passionate and young, and we are united in our goal of automating every home in India. We are committed to providing an affordable product selection, putting user experience first, and making a significant difference in your life.

To give you the best home automation experience possible, we are building an ecosystem around some truly excellent hardware, software, and artificial intelligence technologies. Our company offers you :

Convenience and Comfort
Retrofit and Economical solutions

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