Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an internet connection on my phone?

Internet connection is required on the phone to control the devices from outside your home.

What if my internet is down?

You can still control devices from your phone, locally (When your phone is connected to the same WiFi network)

What if someone hacks into my wifi? Can that person control my lights after that?

No, no one would be able to control your lights unless they have the access. We have 256-bit AES encryption, the same as that for credit cards, so even if someone hacks into your WiFi, they can do nothing with your lights.

The Basic

Will this fit behind my switchboard?

Yes, the product is designed in a way that it perfectly fits in the space available behind a standard 4-switch plate.

Would my switches still be functional normally?

Yes, they would be functioning normally, but the normal switches will work as two way switches

How do I setup Picostone Basic?

Our installation partner, Housejoy would be available at your service for setting up the product (just give them 15 mins for the same).

Will the device fit into my existing switchboard?

Yes, it is a retrofitting device. It fits behind your existing switchboard without any extra wiring and change in aesthetics.

Would it work normally in case of 2-way switches?

Yes, your 2-way switches would be functioning the same way.

What about Dimmable LEDs? Can that be dimmed as well?

Yes. The LEDs with dimmable drivers can be dimmed from the phone as well.

How many devices connected to Basic can be dimmed?

All the four appliances connected to the Basic can be dimmed.

What if I tried dimming non-dimmable devices?

The lights starts flickering if you try dimming the Non-dimmable ones.

What about my heavy load devices?

Devices with a rating of more than 200W like ACs, TVs, Microwave, Geyser, Heater can’t be connected to Basic directly. An additional mod( Heavy) is required to control such heavy load appliances.

Can I control my plug points using Basic?

No you cannot connect your plug point to the Basic directly. You need an additional mod (Plug point) for the same.

The App

Would the Picostone devices affect my internet speed?

It won’t as it consumes data equivalent to downloading a whatsapp image, in an entire day.

How many users can operate the devices?

You can give access to N number of people.