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Are you ready to ditch your regular switchboards and instead carry one in your phone?

Single Tap Control through Mobile

Control your house with one single master controller

Smart Routines and Schedules

Schedules that let you be in your moments

Creating Customized Scenes

Create scenes that suits you and your work.

Control from Anywhere

Control over your house from anywhere, just over the internet

Our Own - Designed, Engineered and Manufactured Products

We are a manufacturer of home automation products that we also designed, engineered, and developed. It is intended to offer users a complete, user-friendly, and highly customizable home automation solution.

Our factories are set up to produce the PCB installations, PCB designs, and moulds. These are all delivered to our office for installation and testing.

In-house Testing & Installation

A thorough inspection of a product is performed as part of the in-house testing and installation process to make sure it complies with quality standards and is fit for use.

This process includes the testing of components, the assembly of the product, and the installation of the product. It is simple to install thanks to its sleek, simple design.

We hate to brag, but we are changing the game.

“The Picostone team helped us figure an automation system for our culture laboratory which has saved us a lot of time and energy! The installation was quick and the after sales service is super prompt. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for home automation!”

Vita Fertility ClinicDoctor

“Had a very easy and trouble-free experience with Picostone. Very professional and proficient team. The product itself is super convenient and easy to use. I was able to get my room automated even though I decided towards the end of the renovation when all the internal wiring and lighting was done.”

Rahil ThakkarCustomer

“Brilliant products, super easy setup and the best part is that it doesn't require you to change your wiring or anything! It's almost been 4 years that I got the automation done from Picostone and the ease with which everything works still blows my mind away!”

Harsha ChopdaCustomer

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,
you must first invent the universe.