Smart Homes under 40K


If you’re a person who loves staying in on rainy days, or loves lazing around at home too much, technology has brought in a blessing for you in the form of Smart Home Automation. A smart home is generally known as any home that has lighting, heating, cooling and other electronic devices all which are connected and controlled remotely by a smart phone or computer.

Technology nowadays is no longer limited to just using a computer or sending out a mail or message. It has advanced way beyond that with the change of generations and standard of living. Smart homes nowadays are coming in to trend, which is a sign of increase in the standard of living, as home buyers and investors have started showing keen interest in these kinds of homes, thus increasing the market value of the homes itself. Smart homes run on the basic principle of IoT (Internet of things) which uses sensors to connect objects to each other in order to function effectively with the smart use of technology. But with the thought of such highly developed technology comes the myth of expense as well. Smart Home Automation is one such technology which brings along with it the myth of expense.

It sure has its price ranging based on company to company, but at Picostone, we offer to smartly automate your entire house in just 30K. Through smart home automation, your house will function electronically, having integrated systems at your disposal on your tablet or smart phone. YOU will control when and how things will switch on and switch off with just a click of a button. Tapping into the Internet of things means investing in technologies that will help you live, just like smart phones aim to do. However, the sale of this kind of technology has been dragging mainly due its expensive monetary demands. At Picostone, the aim is to have value for money and provide this same technology at an affordable rate.

Why would someone not want to invest in making their home modern and smart in just 30K?

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