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Integrating Home Automation at your home, may raise a few queries in your mind like – 

“What more can we do?” “Alexa se chalta hai kya?” “Do you have support for Google Home?” “Do they understand what we say?”

It is no surprise that you may come up with these questions once we tell you the fantastic things our simple yet powerful devices can do for your home.

“When used alone, voice control systems like alexa and google home serve as your personal assistants, but when integrated with your smart home control systems like Picostone, they become your personal butlers.”

Here’s how you all can go all Tony Stark with Picostone and Alexa – 

“Alexa, I am home”

With this command, the AC starts, sets the temperature to 16 degrees, the cove lights turn on, the spotlights go on at 40% brightness, and a playlist with Bollywood instrumental music from the 2000s starts playing (any relaxing soundtrack that you like).

So with one single command, Alexa and Picostone just did what Jarvis would do to Tony Stark if he had a long day at the Avengers tower.

“Alexa, Movie time”

This is one of the prime commands you can use for a weekend binge watch. Too lazy to even access the switches and remotes even through the phone? Don’t worry, we got you covered – when you say “ Alexa, Movie time”, Alexa tells our Picostone system to turn off the lights (and they turn off with a theater dimming effect), draw the curtains to blackout the room, bring the projector screen down, turn on the projector, and open Netflix on the firestick connected to the amplifier.

Now all you have to do is say – “Alexa, play Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on Netflix ” and enjoy Tomatina, scuba diving sessions with Laila, and Farhan Akhtar Being all poetic at a bull chasing event.

“Alexa, Lumos” and “Alexa, Knox”

Yes, a lot of Potterheads out there can relate to this. This one’s the simplest yet very magical.

Imagine this – “Alexa, Lumos” and all the lights in your hall turn on slowly (Picostone’s Theatre dimming for the win).


It also holds true for the Knox Spell.


“Alexa, Good Night”

This one will blow your minds when you see how geeked up the entire system will be for this simple command.

With just one “Alexa, Good Night” – all lights go off, footlights turn on, the fan goes off, the curtains get closed, and the AC goes to your preferred temperature. This is where it gets more interesting. You can further add the instructions to Alexa, asking it to turn off the AC after 2 hours and turn the fan on for one hour, and then turn the AC on again at 20, and play some morning music at Sunrise, along with opening the curtains.

Sounds amazing right?

“Alexa, Drop into the Pantry”

This command has nothing to do with Picostone, but it is incredibly helpful and not many Alexa users are aware of it. You can talk from one Alexa to the other. Inspired by what our customers can do with this feature, we got an Alexa setup at our desk and one in our Pantry.

“Abhi Hot chocolate with 3 marshmallows, seedha desk pe aata hai, Sirf Alexa, drop in bolna padta hai” 


We can go on and on, and maybe create an entire series on How you can convert your simple voice assistant to a Voice BUTLER, but you get the point.

In case you have any questions, you can ping us on “WhatsApp number here” or drop in a mail at “hello@picostone.com” and we’d be happy to chat with you and assist you to get your Home smarter.


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