Picostone Apps

A Simple Home Automation App To Make You Live Effortlessly

Control, manage, monitor, schedule all your appliances at home through one single app.


Control from anywhere

Turn your appliances on/off even when you are not at home or near your appliances.


Complete Customisation

Setup your app according to your will, name your rooms and switches, Give access to friends and family, set up scenes, and much more.


Intuitive User interface

An simple app design that replicates the structure of your home and makes it simple for you to manage, organise and control your appliances through your phone.


All devices under one app

Operate your lights, fans, ACs, TVs,Set top Boxes, Geysers, etc., all from one single app.


Your Home on Your Phone

Control and monitor you home appliances from your smartphone, from your couch or from anywhere around the globe. Get power and convenience on your fingertips.

Schedule, Make routines, Live Effortlessly

Make your appliances work according to your schedule, without disturbing you. Trigger them to work based on some special events.Let automation take over and make your living effortless.


Now Get Your Home On Your Fingertips


Smart Switching

Controlling your appliances will never be the same.

Automated Control

Integrated with Machine learning and
Artificial intelligence to give you an automated experience like never before.

Effortless Living

With all your appliances interconnected and always at your fingertips, life becomes simple.

Picostone is the Smart Home assistant you deserve