How not knowing about Polar & IR Stone makes you a Noob.

If you were living under a rock, let me bring to light the amazing technological advancements we have made in recent years with respect to Home Automation in India in 2018.


We, as humans, enjoy the power of “imagination” and our ability to act upon it. This power has given us electricity, computers, endless remote controlled appliances and our survival kit called the Internet. Picostone takes this amazing bundle of technology one step ahead. You can now control your AC with your Smartphone and something even better, your Voice.


As a Kid, I have always hoped I had superpowers. And as I grew up I convinced myself to believe that magic is fictional, unlike Santa Claus. Cut short to 2018, Picostone comes into my life with a magical gift that I can’t and won’t refuse to accept.


So what really is this Magic I talk about so fondly all about? Let’s get Geeky!

Polar & IR Stone is a device that enables you to control your Air-Conditioner from your Smartphone across the globe at any time. Apart from controlling your AC you can now set smart schedules and forget about the endless times you have had to turn your room upside down for a remote.

Polar is enabled with WiFi which can be easily plugged into the switchboard in your room whereas, IR Stone mimics the signal of your AC remote and together it gives you the luxury of controlling your Air-Conditioner with your Smartphone with Picostone’s user-friendly app. Nothing gets as simpler than this.

But, Picostone went ahead one more step ahead and now gives you the luxury of controlling your AC with your Voice. Home Automation in India is leading to it’s finest stage and communicating with your appliances with your Voice is now a piece of cake.

Smart Assistants like Alexa & Google Home integrates with Picostone to help you control your AC with your voice.


“Alexa, Tell Picostone to Switch ON my AC”
“Okay, anything else?”
That’s how easy it is to talk to your Appliances now.

You can ask Smart Assistants to set the AC temperature, switch OFF & also change the temperature by simply talking or voicing your command. Isn’t that something our 11-year-old self always dreamt of?


The letter might not have arrived but Picostone brings the magic to your Home.

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